the original wine-based freezer pops

the original wine-based freezer pops

the original wine-based freezer pops

What is pop culture anyway? Some say it is what’s #trending in music, fashion, books, or reality television. We say it’s a popsicle revolution. Claffey’s Frozen Cocktails were the original wine-based freezer pops to hit markets in the US. Flavored premium wine with the nostalgic flavors of yesteryear: mango, cherry, grape, sour apple, blue raspberry and pink lemonade. All available 365 days a year with a unique twist — a spike of 6% alcohol in frozen, ready-to-eat freezer pops packages. 

Claffey’s Frozen Cocktails are OK Kosher Certified
Claffey’s Frozen Cocktails are the original wine-based freezer pop! When you serve our delicious wine popsicles, you know that you are serving unique, pre-mixed adult popsicles that are made in a variety of blended, crave-worthy flavors!
Claffey’s Cocktails has some puplifting news as we partner with K9s For Warriors, a non-profit with a mission to support to K9s For Warriors to end veteran suicide and give a new “leash” on life to rescue dogs and military heroes suffering with the invisible wounds of war like PTSD. K9s for Warriors is the nation’s largest provider of Service Dogs for disabled post 9-11 American veterans.

Wine-Based • 5% ABV • 100 Calories • 2g Carbs • 2g Sugar • Gluten-free

A shot (or 2) of your favorite tequila, fresh lime juice and Claffey’s Lime Time Seltzer. Garnish with a lime, pour over ice and serve.
Combine your favorite coconut rum, fresh pineapple juice and Claffey’s Tropical Paradise Seltzer. Garnish with mint and pineapple, pour over ice and serve.

Wine-Based • contains real fruit juice • 5%ABV gluten-free • kosher certified • no sugar added

Claffey’s Seltzers are perfect for a day at the beach, watching football, après fun on the slopes or a backyard BBQ. Anytime you want to chill, Claffey’s Seltzers are perfect for you.