With gyms being closed or at limited capacity, it is hard to find ways of working out and getting into shape. But it isn’t impossible to still feel the burn — you just have to use what you have around the house. Before workout programs and during the times when we had to hunt for our own food, we didn’t need dumbbells and weight machines to dominate. And in 2021, you don’t need workout equipment either because you’ve got us! Here’s how to workout like a boss with our frozen adult popsicles.

Please note that we are not professional fitness trainers and that you should always follow all safety guidelines when working out.


Throw on your favorite workout gear, get pumped with some ultimate workout jams, and grab a box of Claffey’s and get curling. To feel the burn, you can do as many reps as you can or do several sets. For example, do 3 sets of 10 — and adjust to your fitness level. If that is a lot for you, do less, but if you still don’t feel the burn, do more.


Whether booty work is your favorite thing or you have a love/hate relationship with leg day, squats are essential for getting to shape. Grab a box of Claffey’s wine popsicles, and get squatting. Like biceps curls, you can either do as many squats as you can, or you can do a certain number of sets.


A chest press is a great way to tone the pecks, arms, and back for strength and a toned physique. Lay down — preferably on carpet or a padded mat — and start pressing! The best thing about the chest press exercise is that you can lay down and work out at the same time — this is definitely a win-win situation! Do as many chest presses as possible or do sets. Be careful not to have the box of Claffey’s fall on your face!


Nothing makes a person feel in shape and like rocking their body than with toned abs. One of our favorite exercises is the ab twist as it allows you to work the ab muscles differently than typical ab exercises like sit ups. Sit on carpet or a padded mat and either keep your feet on the ground, or for extra burn, elevate them. Do as many as you can!


It is extremely important that you hydrate before and after your workout as well as take water breaks during your workout. Water is essential for optimal health as it keeps your digestive system healthy, joints lubricated, among a variety of other important tasks. Working out will cause you to need more water so make sure you take a moment after your workout and throughout the day to hydrate.