We hope that you had the most epic Halloween party yet. Whether you hosted or party-hopped across town, we hope things got spooky, your costume was a hit, and you made memories that you will never forget. Now that it’s time to pick up your jack-o-lanterns (if the squirrels haven’t eaten them up), and clean up the spider webs, it’s also time to start thinking about Thanksgiving! The prospect of this year’s Thanksgiving may fill your heart with excitement to see your family. However, it also may not. No matter how you’re anticipating this upcoming holiday, we think you should take Claffey’s with you and here’s why.  


Your family is made up of those that you didn’t choose for yourself, but those that the universe chose to give you. You may feel very thankful for what the universe gave you or you may not. No matter if you must guzzle the wine to stay sane whenever you are around family or you can’t wait to kick it with your siblings and favorite cousins, why not bring some Claffey’s frozen cocktail pops? They are delicious and effective!

They Are Only 100 Calories

On the day that is known as the opportunity to gorge ourselves, it might be odd to think about calories, but really, who isn’t thinking a little bit about the consequences of our Thanksgiving feast? Who isn’t a little afraid to step on the scale? Instead of drinking a six pack of beer or calorie-packed wine coolers, drink Claffey’s frozen cocktails. They are delicious and only 100 calories each!

They Are Different

When you look in the cooler for Thanksgiving, what do you normally see? Six-pack after six-pack of beer, bottles of wine, and maybe a few other drinks thrown in there. Don’t you think it’s a little boring to drink the same old thing? Why not be the talk of the party and bring your family’s next favorite drink — you guessed it — Claffey’s wine popsicles!

Six Craveable Flavors

Instead of bringing pumpkin beer, Bud Light, or Chardonnay, give everyone something that they will love. Claffey’s frozen cocktail pops come in six crave-worthy flavors that we are sure will satisfy even the pickiest drinkers:

  • Grab Apple
  • Cherry Lips
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Ice Blue
  • Modern Mango
  • Purple Party

Do You Really Need A Reason?

Even though we can give you plenty of reasons why you should bring Claffey’s adult popsicles to your family’s Thanksgiving, do you really need a reason? If you’ve ever tried Claffey’s, you will understand! They are not only delicious, low-calorie, and come in six delicious flavors, but they are also fun to drink and incredibly easy to serve — simply rip off the top! If you’re convinced and you want to take a box of Claffey’s frozen cocktails to Thanksgiving, visit our website to learn where you can find them in a store near you!