If you’ve just gotten engaged, congratulations! Getting engaged means a few things: first of all, that means that you have found your partner in crime. Secondly, you get to plan one of the biggest parties of your life — your wedding reception. The idea of planning your reception may excite or overwhelm you. However, no matter how you are feeling, we are sure that you want to plan a party that not only your friends and family will love, but also is customized to your and your partner-to-be’s tastes. One way that you can make your wedding reception all your own is through the food and drinks you serve.

Today, on the Claffey’s Frozen Cocktails’ blog, we are going to talk about some of the non-traditional food and drinks that will delight your guests and make your reception everything you want it to be. Be sure to consider our adult popsicles. Not only are our frozen cocktails delicious, but they are also affordable, available for $1.99 per tube and $19.99 a box. Visit our website to learn more about our delicious frozen beverages.

Personal Pizza

To begin with, instead of opting for a steak dinner for your guests, which can get expensive fast, choose to offer pizza instead. Nearly everyone you talk to loves pizza, and allowing your guests to create a pizza they love means you can accommodate everyone’s tastes and allergy needs.

Soft Pretzels

Most of us have had the experience of walking through the mall and smelling the soft pretzel stand. Whether we’ve chosen to indulge or not, we will never forget that smell! If you love soft pretzels, why not serve them during your reception? Instead of offering the normal dips and toppings, dress them up a bit with “high-class” ingredients like rosemary parmesan and brie-mustard spread.

Bourbon Bar

Do you want to elevate the class of your occasion without breaking the bank? Offer a bourbon bar! A bourbon bar allows you to offer a variety of drinks that your guests will love, while (perhaps) keeping the budget low.

Premade Margaritas

Do you and your guests like to turn it up with tequila? Instead of offering a full bar, offer pre-made margaritas! You could create a signature margarita that represents who you are as couple. You could even serve your premade margaritas in Patron bottles with a fun, colorful straw. It’s your wedding — make it your own.

Milk & Cookies

Cake is a wedding day staple. However, what if you were to look to the past and serve something that is not only delicious, but evokes a sense of sentimentality? Serve milk and cookies! Allow guests to choose their favorite cookie from a cookie bar or serve your guests a small glass of milk with a cookie garnishing the glass.

Donut Bar

Are you and your bride or groom not into traditional wedding cake? That’s okay! Why not instead serve donuts? If you want to stick to a vintage theme, serve old-fashioned donuts with a colorful, 1950s-style presentation, and offer a donut bar featuring all kinds of sweet pastries.

Adult Popsicles

Nothing says it’s time to party like colorful frozen cocktails, and better yet, frozen cocktails in an easy-to-serve tube. Serving Claffey’s Frozen Cocktails can be a fun way to get the dance floor started with delicious, party-inspiring adult popsicles that are easy to serve and even easier to enjoy. Your guests can effortlessly take them to the dance floor and dance the night away. Additionally, our adult popsicles are only $1.99 a piece!

However you decide to celebrate the biggest day of your life, we at Claffey’s wish you health and happiness on your wedding day!