Though 2020 was supposed to be the year of new beginnings, vacations, and more – it wasn’t. For many of us, instead of drinking pina coladas on a beach in Bali, we are lounging on our couch nursing our newly acquired beer bellies. (Don’t drink beer — drink Claffey’s Frozen Cocktails! It’s only 90 calories!) Whether you were planning a vacation or not, it sucks being stuck in your home not being able to see something different than the same four walls. However, we don’t have to give ourselves over to the most boring summer ever. Instead, it’s time to create the most epic staycation! 

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Staycation Ideas For Summer 2020

Whether you love to travel or not, being in the same place can get boring. It’s time to create a staycation that you’ll never forget. 

World Traveler Couch Edition

Seeing the world doesn’t mean you have to get on a plane. Want to explore? Take a virtual tour of museums all over the world and explore the world right from your couch. You could even start planning your next vacation even down to the restaurants you want to eat at when you’re there. Check out pictures, read articles, and take tours right from your couch — get transported somewhere else through your computer screen.

Glamp It Up

Though camping is still something that many can do even with the restrictions of quarantine, what about changing it up and glamping in your own backyard? Create a little getaway by setting up a tent, an air mattress, and maybe even some twinkle lights in your tent. Eat camping-inspired eats and sweets, and if your neighborhood permits, do some stargazing! 

Explore the World in Your Kitchen

Love food and world travel? Why not explore through the tastes and smells of your own kitchen. Choose a country that you’ve always wanted to visit and create a meal with dishes from or inspired by that country. Some countries’ food might be easier than others, but do your best. You might be able to support some local ethnic grocers in your area as a result. 

Make It a Date

Because we’ve all been stuck inside with our housemates or significant others, we may have grown tired of each other. Some space may be warranted. However, to rekindle that spark or friendship, it might be time to create a staycation weekend. Order food from your favorite delivery, spend some time relaxing (maybe give your partner a massage), and enjoy some quality time together without your phones.

Do Your Favorite Thing

If you are like most people, we don’t have a lot of time for some of the things we love. Make time for what you love to do by dedicating a weekend to it. Enjoy painting, watching your favorite show, listening to the whole catalogue of your favorite music artist, play guitar, or read your favorite book. Get some “me” time or include a roommate or partner in your activities. 

Staying home can feel like a drag when all you want to do is party and live life to the fullest, but just because we are stuck at home, doesn’t mean we still can’t have a kickass life. Try a staycation for a day, weekend, or longer and be sure to grab a box of Claffey’s adult popsicles to take with you no matter where your staycation takes you.