It’s getting hot in here . . . and out there — and really everywhere! Summer is in full swing here in the states, and we all are wiping our brows as the temperatures climb. Though most of us welcome the warmer weather, no matter if you’re working or playing outside, there comes a time to cool off. 

Though you probably have a few ideas of how to stay cool this summer (i.e. never leave your air-conditioned home, sit in front of the fan all day, etc.), we wanted to give you a few other ways to stay cool even when temperatures are pushing triple digits. Stick around to learn more, or travel over to our website to learn about where you can find Claffey’s Frozen Cocktails near you. 

6 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

It’s hot outside and even though summer is one of our favorite seasons, the heat can be a little much. With hot temperatures, it’s important to take a break and cool down. Here are some ways you can do that this summer. 

Take a Dip at the Lake

Going to the lake during the summer can be an excellent way to cool down and still enjoy the sunshine and outdoors. Between sunbathing on the beach or riding the wake, take a dip in the lake. For the truly adventurous, perhaps some skinny-dipping is in order. But if you get caught, you didn’t hear it from us!  

Relax Poolside

If there isn’t a lake or a beach nearby, relaxing poolside can be a great way to get out of the house and cool off. Find a cabana or shaded spot or take a dip in the pool and dry off in the sun. Want to party? Make it a pool party — obeying all social distancing rules in your area, of course! Don’t have a pool or yours isn’t open? Get a kiddy pool and enjoy getting to relax in your own backyard.

Escape to the Mountains

The mountains can be a wonderful place to escape from the heat. Whether you just take a day trip or you plan a weekend getaway with friends and family, the cooler temperatures can be the perfect way to beat the heat while taking time to enjoy nature near you. 

Start a Water Fight

If you have kids or friends who are kids trapped in an adult body, a water fight can be a great way to blow off some steam and stay cool. Start a war by simply spraying your target with the hose or plan an epic water fight with squirt guns and water balloon amo that would make Scarface look like a . . . well, you get the idea. Stay cool and have a blast with family, friends, or roommates! 

Stake Your Claim on Some Shade

If a water fight isn’t your style or you just want some time to relax, perhaps just finding a shady spot is the perfect way to stay cool. Go to the park or your backyard for that perfect strip of shade. Once you find your own personal shade, stake your claim and get comfortable with a picnic blanket, hammock, or even some lawn chairs. Bring a book, music, or games to make the most of your shady spot.


Enjoy Adult Freezy Pops

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No matter how you decide to stay cool this summer, don’t forget to bring Claffey’s Frozen Cocktails with you. Our adult freezy pops are perfect for any time you want to kick back and relax this summer. Find our adult popsicles at Walmart, Costco, Sam’s Club, 7Eleven, and other stores near you!