Have you ever been invited to a party, shown up wearing that the perfect outfit, and found the company to be subpar and the energy of the party to be, to put it bluntly, boring? We’ve all been there and we hope to never be there again, and want to help you, especially if you are the one throwing the party. Whether you are the one hanging the streamers or you’re just showing up as the life of the party, bringing adult popsicles will be a win for everyone invited, and here’s why.

They Aren’t Another Case of Corona

Corona or other light beers are likely to show up in the cooler at any summer party. We all enjoy the classic summer beverages, whether they are the tried and true American classics like BudLight, the latest craft brew from your local brew house, or a sugary margarita mix. But don’t you get a little more excited when someone shows up with something special? The drink (and the person who brought it) immediately become the hit of the party. Whether it’s a big summer block party or just a day out in the sun with your girlfriends, why not bring something different that is likely to be a hit?

They Remind Us of the Carefree Days of Childhood

When you were a kid, did your parents buy those bulk bags of Otter Pops? Weren’t they just the best thing after a hot day of playing in the sun or splashing around in the pool with your friends? Even though we’ve had to grow up and learn how to “adult,” that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun in the summer sun and reminisce about days gone by. Enjoy adult popsicles — our take on a childhood classic that is just as refreshing, but dare we say, a little more fun?

They Are the Refreshing Answer to Summer’s Rising Temperatures

When summer hits, most are excited. However, as temperatures rise, the summer heat can become almost unbearable. Whether you love your AC or you are a sunbaby, you can’t beat an ice-cold treat. In summer’s most extreme temperatures, beer is only so refreshing, and even ice cream can seem a little heavy. Sometimes, you just need a popsicle — and what’s better than a popsicle? A boozy, adult popsicle.

They Are Only 100 Calories

Summer can be a conundrum for those who want to maintain their summer body. On one hand, you have probably worked months ahead of time getting your body in the perfect shape and you deserve to indulge a little. On the other hand, all those beers or summer cocktails you have enjoyed on the patio or by the pool can add up. Fortunately, Claffey’s Frozen Cocktails are only 90 calories! That means you can enjoy the same, refreshing ice-cold drink, but without the added calories.

If you’re ready to turn it up at the pool or out on the patio, enjoy Claffey’s Frozen Cocktails. Buy a mixed bag of our adult popsicles online. Summer only comes once a year. Make it lit.