This year for Halloween, the most horrifying thing we might witness is simply the year so far. We, like survivors in a horror movie, are wondering what 2020 has cooked up next. In all seriousness, 2020 has been a tough year, but it will be a year to remember. Though many people are unfortunately canceling the usual All Hallows Eve frivolities, there are still many ways to enjoy the spookiest time of the year and Claffey’s Frozen Cocktails is here to help! 

Keep reading to get some spooktacular ideas for keeping your Halloween scary fun and be sure to grab a box of our adult popsicles for a delicious adult drink.

6 Ideas For Keeping Your Halloween Spooky

Though 2020 in many ways has been a complete buzzkill, it can’t completely ruin Halloween — we can still celebrate and enjoy the darker side of the holiday season. Here are some ways to keep your Halloween spooky, safe, and fun. 

Ghost Stories In the Candlelight

With the help of some of the spookiest podcasts, you can create an evening of scary fun. Simply, choose a spooky podcast, turn off all the lights, light some 

candles, and maybe grab your favorite pumpkin beverage and try not to jump. You could even listen to your favorite true crime podcasts instead!

Movie Night Marathon

Though going to the movies might not be something most of us can do, there is nothing like snuggling up under your favorite blanket with your partner or some friends and watching the best scary movies. Choose a few favorites or pick a theme. For those who aren’t as keen on horror movies, watch your favorite Halloween movies like Hocus Pocus. Don’t forget to grab your favorite treats for snacking!

Social Distanced Party

Depending on the restrictions in your town, you may be able to throw a Halloween party. To keep it safe, enjoy a night under the stars lit by twinkle lights and, jack-o-lanterns, with adult popsicles and your favorite seasonal drinks. Better yet, make your party a masquerade — masks are just part of your costume! 

A Costume Contest — Zoom Edition

If you are cooped up all alone this Halloween, celebrate the season with friends through Zoom or other video conferencing apps. You could even have a virtual costume contest so we all can still show off our Halloween looks. Keep the fun going with some games like Jackbox. Celebrate the seasons whether you are near or far from your friends! 

Join a Bike Parade

If you have a bike, you may want to join a bike parade to show off your costume and get out of your house. Check out if there is one happening in your area or start one! Take a spin around your neighborhood or finish the parade at a nearby park for a socially distanced celebration of the creepiest holiday of the year! 

Drive-Thru Haunted Houses

It seems that haunted houses are canceled, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t get scared. Some areas are offering socially distanced spooky experiences, while some are providing haunted roads or drive thru haunted houses. Though your car may feel like a safe place to hide from the spookiest the Halloween season has to offer, you never know what you’ll find when you drive down a haunted road. . . .  

No matter how you choose to celebrate Halloween this year don’t forget to grab a box of Claffey’s Frozen Cocktails!