Christmas is widely accepted as the most wonderful time of the year and one of the most magical. However, some people — us being among them — would argue that Halloween could bring the biggest upset in holiday history and actually be the best time of year. No matter what side you’re on, we think we can all agree that Halloween is the spookiest time of the year with some of the greatest parties. 

Claffey’s would love to help you get spooky and have the best Halloween yet. Be sure to shop Claffey’s wine popsicles online and read our blog to learn how to be the life of the party this Halloween season — creating unforgettable moments and living the best nights of your life. 

Five Ways to Be the Star At Your Next Halloween Party

There aren’t a lot of wrong ways to celebrate Halloween. However, there are ways to have fun, and there are ways to YOLO, get lit, and make a night that you and your friends won’t soon forget. Today, Claffey’s is here to help you do just that. 

Don’t Just Wear a Costume — Wear the Best Costume

Anyone can throw a sheet over their head and call it a costume, but having the best costume takes a little more finesse and creativity. Why is having the best costume important for YOLO-ing with the best of them? It’s memorable, and everyone wants to be friends and take pictures with the person with the best costume. Channel the latest meme or SNL character, or wear whatever makes you feel good — the person who is comfortable in their own skin with the best energy always wins the popularity contest. 

Bring Drinks To Share

Partygoers bring drinks for themselves and their bae to a party. However, it’s someone who is the life of the party who brings drinks for everyone — and not just drinks, but memorable drinks! Claffey’s wine popsicles are those drinks that will have everyone smiling. From their brightly colored, delicious flavors, to their easy-to-enjoy packages, everyone will want to have an adult popsicle. What’s more, a box of our adult popsicles are affordable — no need to break the bank! Also, sharing Claffey’s with your friends is easy: simply bring a box,and let people dig in. No need to play bartender and miss out on the fun, and no need to lug heavy 40s around either. 

Have a Posse

You certainly don’t need a posse to shine at your next party. However, it certainly won’t hurt. Nothing puts out “boss energy” like showing up with a posse of fly partygoers ready to get lit (responsibly, of course) and amp up the party with a YOLO mindset. What’s even better, is showing up with your posse of friends in a group costume. It will make you stand out from the crowd and will bring you and your friends together to make memories that you will have the pictures and unforgettable memories to prove it. 

Play the Games

There are some lame fall games out there like bobbing for apples — speaking plainly, that is a great way to get a head cold. To each his own, though! But when it comes to Kings Cup and Beer Pong, one of the best ways to make friends and to be the life of the party is to play — even if you aren’t the best. Also, even if you are naturally a wallflower, tonight is your night to be someone else and to get involved — you’re even wearing a costume! Step up, find your team, and find your inner Halloween beer pong champion. 

Throw the Party

Some years, there seems to be no end to the parties — everyone and their mom is throwing a Halloween party, and you may not be physically able to make it to all of them. However, there are other years when no one is in the mood to throw a party. If that is the case, it is time for you to step up to the plate and throw your own Halloween party. You can create a simple party by hanging some cobwebs up, getting a beer pong table, and dimming the lights, or you can go all out and turn your party space into the most haunted-looking party house on the block with fog machines, Jello shots, Claffey’s frozen cocktails (shameless plug), and a DJ. Throwing a party and being the life of the party aren’t mutually exclusive things. 

Have Fun No Matter What

The best way to be the life of the party no matter what is to have fun. If you’re having fun and putting off good energy, most likely others around you will feel it and be inspired to continue or start doing the same. Whether the party is lame, your costume didn’t quite work, or your monstrous ex showed up, very few things can compare to a fun loving spirit haunting the halls of the party. Be the fun, and help others have fun with you and a ghoul-time at the party. #dadjokes 

Don’t Forget Claffey’s!  

No Halloween party is complete without Claffey’s Frozen Cocktails. We offer six favors that make it easy to get the party started and keep it going well after midnight. YOLO like the best of them this October 31st with a box (or two of Claffey’s). Visit our website to find a store near you or shop online!