Summer only happens once a year and we need to live it up as much as we can. What’s a better way of doing that than planning a big pool party? A pool party is an easy way to have some fun in the sun with your favorite people. However, to throw a party that will be talked about months later, you need to invest some time in the planning process, and one part of that is creating the ultimate summer party playlist. Despite what one might think, there’s more to creating the perfect playlist than tuning your radio to the pop station.

Think About Who’s Going To Be There

When you’re putting a playlist together, you need to think about who is going to be at your party. Is it an older demographic who won’t even recognize today’s top 40, or is it your millennial friends who love dancing to latest hits? Think about who is going to be there and what they will enjoy.

ProTip: If there will be kids at your party, don’t feel like you have to have classic Disney songs and Frozen on repeat. Switch it up with catchy hits and classics from Michael Jackson, Motown, or anything before the 1980s.

Think About the Mood

Thinking about the mood is just as important as thinking about who is going to be there. Do you want your party to be a relaxing, lazy day in the sun, or do you want to crank it up and maybe inspire some dancing? When you’re thinking about the mood, it is best to also adjust the volume as well. For a conversation-heavy party, think of lowering the volume. For a party of dancing and games, crank it up a bit.

Pro-Tip: No matter what kind of party you are throwing, it is best to vary up your song choices. Don’t be afraid to play more mellow tunes that are summer classics, and don’t play too many of the big hits back-to-back either.

Think About Logistics

You must also think about the logistics of your party, such as how long guests will be staying, how much attention you want to pay to keeping the playlist going, et cetera. We suggest, no matter what, that you plan for at least three hours of music, but of course, if your party is going to be longer, create a longer playlist. If you’re running behind with party planning tasks, don’t even worry about creating a playlist. Use Spotify’s, YouTube’s, or Pandora’s pre-made playlists. Unfortunately, you won’t have as much control over what is actually played, but it can save you time when you’re a busy host.

ProTip: If there are certain songs that you want played at your party, create a smaller playlist and then when it ends, switch to a pre-made playlist.

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