When summer rolls around, you can count on one thing — ice cold, refreshing drinks. What’s your favorite drinks of choice from summers gone by? Perhaps concoctions like a homemade cherry limeade or hard iced tea? Or, maybe, you enjoy a classic margarita or mojito from time-to-time during the heat of the summer. 

Whatever you fancy, there is one thing for certain. You need to try Claffey’s Frozen Cocktails — and who knows! They may become your next favorite summer drink. They may change your life! Well, that might be a stretch, but we promise, they are that good. To learn more about our adult popsicles, stay right here or head over to our website and buy some today! 

Five Reasons Claffey’s Is the Perfect Summer Drink

Single Serving 

With concerns about coronavirus and social distancing still at the forefront of our minds, for parties and other outings, single serving drinks and food are becoming better options. Because each of our drinks is packaged in a disposable tube, staying safe is easy. Simply grab the flavor you like, tear away the top, and enjoy! 

Multiple Flavors

What’s more, Claffey’s alcohol freeze pops come in six delicious flavors. This guarantees you can always find your favorite flavor and quench your thirst the way you like. Taking Claffey’s to a party? You are sure to satisfy the crowd with a flavor for everyone’s personality. 


Because of their single serving style, our wine popsicles can be taken anywhere the day or night takes you. Whether you’re hanging out at the pool (no glass, no problem), enjoying your favorite camping spot, or hitting the open road for a road trip (never drink and drive — enjoy responsibly), you can have your favorite summer drink along for the ride. 

Find Them Anywhere

Enjoying Claffey’s Frozen Cocktails during any summer adventure is easy for the reason that you can buy them almost anywhere. They are available at Costco, Walmart Sam’s Club, HyVee, World Market Cost Plus, 7Eleven, Total Wine & More, and can be delivered right to your door. No matter where you live or where summer takes you, you can tear open a Claffey’s Frozen Cocktail. 

They Were Made For Summer

When you’ve tried Claffey’s, and we are sure after you read this blog about our alcohol freeze pops, you will agree with us that our drinks were made for summertime. Not only are they refreshing, portable, and available anywhere, they were made for those who are the go-getters, the adventure seekers, and those who want to live it up no matter what time is on the clock. They were made with summer vibes in mind.