Though it seems that coronavirus has dashed our hopes and dreams for 2020 to pieces and ruined our favorite holiday, there are still plenty of ways to make your Halloween spooktacular and one way is with an epic masked costume. Whether your area has completely banned all activities or there is hope that you can spend your holiday socially distanced, there are plenty of ways to look awesome even if you have to wear a mask. 

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5 Masked Costumes Ideas You’ll Love

Halloween might just prove to be the easiest holiday to celebrate during the pandemic with awesome costumes that require masks. Here are a few ideas to help you look amazing and stay safe this Halloween. 

Mortal Kombat Characters

There are more than a few Mortal Kombat characters that make wearing a face-covering cool. Create the deadliest look at the party with a Mileena, Sub-Zero, Skarlet, Scorpion, Kitanna, or Jade costume. Give fellow guests the fatal look they hope for with a costume that looks cool and is coronavirus friendly.

Sister Night

We all love a nun that can kick some major pumpkins and no one does that better than Sister Night of Watchmen. Look delightfully badass by dressing up as the detective. What’s more, it may be easy to create this costume from things you already have at home!

Old West Bandits

Whether you love being the good guy wearing the badge or dressing up like the bad guys, easily create a costume that looks the part and is safe with a bandana tied over your mouth instead of around your neck. Get your friends together to create a gang or go out as the Lone Ranger.

Superheroes & Their Foes

Many of our superheroes (here’s looking at you Spiderman and Deadpool) and their arch nemeses are perfect for creating a masked costume. Wear a bodysuit with a face covering or create a character like the Joker and have a deranged smile on a mask instead of using make-up. Other characters to consider include Batman and Bane from Batman, Ironman, Venom, and others.

Doctors, Nurses, & Plague Doctors

Being a doctor or nurse for Halloween is an easy idea for a last-minute costume, but if you’re looking for something a little more spooky, try dressing up like a Plague Doctor. Doctors during the 14th century wore long robes and beaked masks. Make it even more creepy by pairing the mask with a vintage dress or a suit. 

Creepy Children in Vintage Photos

We’ve all seen those photos from the past of children wearing masks. Though at the time these masks may have been the norm, the images appear to be extremely spooky in sepia tones to modern viewers. Recreate this look with a similar mask and old school clothing. 

There are a lot of costumes that include a mask, helmet, or face covering — Halloween was, in a way, made for the season of coronavirus. Even if your costume doesn’t already include a mask, there are many Halloween-themed, bedazzled, and decorative masks to help amp up your costume and not distract from it. 

We hope you have a fantastic Halloween and don’t forget to bring Claffey’s Frozen Cocktails along to keep spirits high and the night spooky!