Welcome back to the Claffey’s  Frozen Cocktails blog! Today, we are going to be talking about why you should choose our wine popsicles over the other frozen adult beverages on the market. There are a lot of other drinks that you can enjoy on a hot day in Vegas or when you’re chilling with your friends at a barbeque. However, if you choose our popsicles, you won’t be disappointed, and here’s why.

Guilt-Free & Great Taste

When it comes to eating and imbibing most of the drinks that we love, we know not to count calories. Why? Often the best tasting things in life are those that are also high in calories. However, this isn’t the case with our wine popsicles. They are only 100 calories! When you are drinking Claffey’s, you don’t have to worry about how you are going to keep your bod in summer shape while you cool down with a refreshing frozen drink.

Wine-Based For Convenience & Great Taste

Our adult popsicles are wine-based which means we can not only sell our delicious popsicles at the liquor store, but we can also sell them at grocery stores, convenience stores, and a number of other places. This means that instead of making multiple stops to get all you need for your epic party, you only have to stop at the grocery store, which will give you more time and money in your pocket — you’re welcome!

Affordably Priced

Alcohol can be expensive, so a good time can sometimes bankrupt our pocketbooks. But when you buy Claffey’s frozen adult popsicles. you are only investing $1.99 per tube and $19.99 for a box. Compare that to the last twelve pack you bought (or dare we say, our competitors?). We don’t think having a great-tasting product has to cost, as the saying goes, “an arm and a leg.”    

No Aftertaste

Some frozen adult beverages are delicious until you experience the aftertaste which can detract considerably from the overall experience of enjoying a frozen drink on the beach or ski slopes. Thankfully, our wine popsicles don’t! As we formulated the perfect-tasting frozen drink, we thought about how to always make the experience refreshing and delicious.

Multiple Flavors

Who doesn’t love a product that comes in multiple flavors? No matter if you are the person who will always choose your favorite flavors, or you like to be adventurous, our multiple flavors allow you to have the variety that you want. As the saying goes, “variety is the spice of life!” We offer our adult popsicles in:

  • Modern Mango – Mango-flavored
  • Cherry Lips – Cherry-flavored
  • Purple Party – Grape-flavored
  • Grab Apple – Apple-flavored
  • Iced Blue – Raspberry-flavored
  • Pink Lemonade – Pink lemonade-flavored
  • And more!

We are always adding more flavors to our plethora of great-tasting adult popsicles. Is there a flavor that you want to see us offer? Contact us!

Easy to Enjoy

Sometimes to enjoy a tasty beverage, it is a labor of love to mix and make. However, we at Claffey’s do all the work for you. To enjoy our wine popsicles, all you need to do is freeze them around zero degrees Fahrenheit before serving them, then just rip off the top and enjoy. You don’t need any glassware, a blender, utensils, straws, or anything else to enjoy our delicious adult beverage.

To enjoy Claffey’s great-tasting wine popsicles, visit our website to learn where to find them near you! If you are looking for wholesaling options, contact us. Remember, whenever you want to live it up, be sure to grab a box of Claffey’s wine popsicles!