Like a firework, Claffey’s shot onto the scene and have been letting their colors burn since their inception — and we’re not letting up in 2020 — no matter what! 

Put Down the Lime: Come to Costco & Walmart Instead

We’re making it easier than ever to find Claffey’s at your favorite major local retailer with our entrance into Costco and Walmart. Now you can get all of your quarantine essentials all in one place! You only have to visit one store to get your month’s supply of toilet paper (Too soon?) and your favorite frozen cocktail. We are excited to partner with these retailing giants — helping you let the good time roll, easier than ever.

Find Us At a Walmart or Costco near you!

Claffey’s Is More Than Keeping the Dream Alive

Even though it can be easy to put the lime in the Corona — don’t! Remember the good times with our adult popsicles that come in the same delicious flavors that you have come to love and enjoy since we first partied together. It is crazy to think of where we came since 2011 when our Creator and Founder Chris Claffey first introduced us to the world on’s Elevator Pitch. Ever since Claffey and his partner Jeremy Dalton COO have been executing the dream and taking our brand to the next level. 

New Heights in 2019

Claffey’s was able to take our brand of adult popsicles to new heights last year with an expanded production facility and with our partnership with McClary Innovation. McClary Innovation has been leading the industry for over 30 years and brought to the table their expertise in international and domestic packaging and product innovation and leadership. With these advances, we were able to increase our production by 500%! 

“I couldn’t be or feel any more excited, grateful, and blessed to have McClary Innovation as our new partner. The technical expertise and global relationships that Charlie and team are adding to our growing business is vital and an immeasurable asset. Add into the mix the new production facility, and there’s no limit to our capabilities or where we can grow to!” – Jeremy Dalton COO

Stayin’ Alive in 2020

Now with McClary Innovation, we have finally been able to take our brand to the next level as we are now retailed in nearly every state at Costco and Walmart — with even more retail giants on the way. There is a lot of uncertainty in 2020, but we can’t help but be excited even with the world as it is because we know that we can weather this storm. Even though most of us are cooped up at home — practicing social distancing — let’s remember the good times together. Pick up a box of Claffey’s Frozen Cocktails at a Costco or Walmart near you! 

Ways to Survive the Corona Virus With Claffey’s Cocktails

Let’s face it, the COVID-19 has, to say the least, bummed a lot of people out. From some of our favorite hangouts being shut down, to events being canceled, to people losing their jobs, it’s been rough lately. Whatever you’re facing during the biggest buzzkill of 2020, Claffey’s is here to help! 

Don’t Gain the Quarantine 15

Let’s be honest, being at home means boredom, which means more snacking, less exercise, and boom — gaining the Quarantine 15! Snacking might not be your problem. However, having a beer or two more than usual, can also help to pack on the pounds. Never fear! Claffey’s frozen popsicles are only 90 calories each, and they’re delicious. Put the Corona down, and grab a Claffey’s Frozen Cocktail instead. 

Quench Your Thirst on a Budget

Whether you’ve lost your job, you’re out of work, or your company is facing major salary cuts, it’s more important than ever to budget. Our wine popsicles are inexpensive, but oh so delicious. They will not only not break the bank, but they can bring a smile to your face. 

Remember the Good Times

It’s easy to start feeling depressed with not only the pressures of the economy, but also having to stay home. Claffey’s isn’t the cure for the coronavirus, but we can help to cure the feelings of being incredibly bummed out. Claffey’s was made to help you remember the good times, and we can make good on that promise. Next time you’re missing hanging out on the slopes, dancing the night away at a party, or lighting it up on the beach, crack open a Claffey’s. 

Social Distancing But With More Fun

Social distancing makes it really hard to live it up and make memories. However, with Claffey’s you can! Whether you are all alone or you have a few roommates living with you, get the party started with Claffey’s. Crack one open, and have a facetime party. Even if we’re all weathering the storm apart, we are all in this together. Find your box of Claffey’s at Walmart or Costco today!