Claffey’s Is More Than Keeping the Dream Alive

Even though it can be easy to put the lime in the Corona — don’t! Remember the good times with our adult popsicles that come in the same delicious flavors that you have come to love and enjoy since we first partied together. It is crazy to think of where we came since 2011 when our Creator and Founder Chris Claffey first introduced us to the world on’s Elevator Pitch. Ever since Claffey and his partner Jeremy Dalton COO have been executing the dream and taking our brand to the next level. 

New Heights in 2019

Claffey’s was able to take our brand of adult popsicles to new heights last year with an expanded production facility and with our partnership with McClary Innovation. McClary Innovation has been leading the industry for over 30 years and brought to the table their expertise in international and domestic packaging and product innovation and leadership. With these advances, we were able to increase our production by 500%!